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failuresofine wrote in bonanzle
Sorry I've been absent the past couple of days. I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with things to do lately. Cuts in to my posting time. ;)

I'm still busy looking for other comms that we can all use for promotion, plus comms I can use to promote this comm and Bonanzle itself. I should have another post to make either tonight or tomorrow containing other places we can all promote our items in general. Also, everyone should feel free to make their own promo posts right here(be sure to leave your entries set to "public" so anyone passing through, who is not a member of this comm, can see them!). If you need help doing that just let me know.

I'd also like to encourage everyone to do a couple of other things. First, make a post or two in your own journals, let the world know you're out there. When writing in your personal journal, you can write about absolutely anything you want-- what you do, what your garden looks like, what you ate for dinner last night, the annoying thing your cat keeps doing, and so on. After you've done that, I strongly encourage you to go out and find a few friends to add. Use the search box at the top of the page to find people with similar interests(I covered this in another post further down). And perhaps all of you here would like to friend each other as well.

I do ask that you don't friend my personal journal. It's not because I'm snooty or don't want to be your friend :) but because I keep my personal life very much separate from my "business" life, and the content of my personal journal is not for everyone(understatement LOL). If you have reason to believe we'd get along on a personal level anyway, just drop me a note and we can chat.

Anyway, one last thing I'd like to urge everyone to do is seek out other comms that match your interests. Many of these allow advertising, but even in those that do not, you can make new connections/friends, and that's always beneficial.

So, what have you sold lately?


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