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Came across Oodle tonight. Maybe some of you know about it already. It looks to me like it could be a VERY useful site for advertising, better than Craigslist, because it allows off-site links to 3rd party sites(such as Bonanzle)-- CL does not.

You do have to manually enter all of the information about your item here, but it didn't really take long. I just copy/pasted the relevant information from my ad on Bonanzle and then added a link back to the item. You don't even have to register on Oodle to use it, you can just go there and start posting ads. I think what I'm going to do is post a few ads to Oodle, say one item from each category of items I have to sell, and see how that goes. Potential buyers could come see the item and also look around my booth to see what else I have. Wouldn't want to sit here and list every single item I have, that would take entirely too long. LOL

Go check it out. :)

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Found this one tonight--

Click Here for Free Traffic!

Will it really get you 1 million hits? LOL I tend to have my doubts, unless you're extremely well-connected, but there's no harm in trying. Any increase in traffic is a good thing if it creates awareness of Bonanzle's existence. Sign up and see if it works!

List of other LJ comms you can use for promotion
Okay, I promised some other communities where you all can promote yourselves and your items. This is by no means a complete list, just ones that I have used.

This one is geared toward auctions, but I think it's probably safe to slap some Bonanzle items up there, particularly those that have offers turned on. Or, if you actually DO auction your Bonanzle items, this would be a good place for them.

This one is to promote anything and everything, pretty much. Don't know how much action this one gets, it doesn't have a whole lot of members. But it's one more place to plaster your ads anyway.

Related to noratingspromos, but has a lot more members. You can also promote pretty much anything here.

If you still sell on eBay, try this comm: ebaysales
Very high traffic comm. And yeah, it's eBay, but hey, we gotta do what we gotta do until Bonanzle gets up to speed. ;)

In the upper right hand corner of the screen is a search box. Make sure it is set to "interest" and then put your search term in the box and off you go. It may take a few seconds for it to complete the search. When the results page comes up, you will have 2 lists. The top portion of the list is other communities(those with the little red & yellow icon next to the comm name) that match your search term in some way-- NOT ALL WILL BE RELATED TO WHAT YOU WERE REALLY LOOKING FOR. You'll need to scroll through the list and find those that match what you're really after; some comms put all manner of terms in their interest box so they show up in practically every search. The comms that have had the most recent activity will show at the top of the list.

When joining a comm to promote, make sure you read that comm's rules over before you do anything. All comms are different, and rules are set by the comm owner. Don't spam no matter where you go-- it could get your account suspended.

The second list, under the comms, is made up of individual users(the ones with the little 'person' icon next to their name) that have your search term in their interest list. This is handy to find new friends to add and new journals to read. Be aware that even if you add someone, they may not add you back-- some people are really picky as to who they add to their personal journals. And still others will add everyone who adds them. It just all depends on the individual. Good rule of thumb is don't spam your friends-- ever. Post any and all advertising in YOUR LJ, not in theirs. If they're interested, they'll see it on their friendslist and come have a look. This is a really good way to meet people who share your interests and may be able to offer you additional resources to use.

Also, if you decide you want to add individual friends, it's a good idea to write at least a little something in your LJ, say once a week or so, otherwise they may unfriend you, thinking your LJ is inactive. Commenting on other people's posts also helps, people like that sort of thing. :)

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I made another sale this morning. That makes 9 items total sold since I joined Bonanzle, which was on March 8. Exactly 3 weeks. My item that sold today was to a "guest"... I wonder if she found me through LJ? ;)

You might be thinking, "you've only managed to sell 9 items in 3 weeks??". But, consider that I sell strictly non-essential items, the economy is in the toilet, and Bonanzle only has just over 40,000 registered users. I have seen many sellers say they've been there for 'x' number of months and have yet to sell a thing. A lot of these people sell the same sorts of things I do. So what makes me different?

Reality is there's no way to know for sure, but I strongly believe it's because I'm willing to practically kill myself by marketing all over the place. Staying active, daily, on Twitter and LinkExchange helps a lot(I get a substantial number of hits from LinkExchange, which is comprised of far more than just other Bonanzle sellers). I use this community to promote, and I use other communities around LJ to promote(I will make a list of these in a new post for everyone else after I'm done writing this one). I joined Plumdrop and am trying to rack up as many "friends" there as possible(that site also offers a blog feature on your personal page, I've only used it once, though I do see some benefit to it). I keep a selling blog on Blogspot as well, though I admit I've slacked off on it a bit. I did join Facebook, but I don't see it as particularly useful(though perhaps others are getting something out of it). I don't do MySpace or Craigslist, but again others may get some use out of these.

A lot of this is just getting yourself out there and getting seen. It's okay to promote directly on Bonanzle, but remember that you are promoting pretty much to other people who want to SELL things, not necessarily buy. Plus, the "Promote Your Booth" forum is so bogged down with serial promoters that it's pretty much useless. I tried one last time last night to try to promote something there, and it got bumped off the first page before it was even seen, so I deleted it and I won't be bothering with that forum again(unless Mark & Bill do something about the excessive multiple-posting promotions by a handful of the same people over and over and over).

So if you need to know where to start, first start by getting yourself OFF the site. Get on Twitter if you haven't already, and to make life a lot easier(I just discovered this, I know others use it already), download TweetDeck. It makes Twitter a million times easier to use, and you can be notified in real time of new Tweets/DM's/@replies. It runs in the background while you're online, just like an IM program. USE TWITTER TO PROMOTE. There will be people who get antsy about this, and if you want to keep a "personal" Twitter that you use for just general chat, make a second account that you use for promotions. Despite what some claim, there are A LOT of people who will follow you, even if all you do is promote. To get more followers, follow your followers' followers. Follow the followers of the people you follow. That's a lot of following going on LOL but most people will follow you back.

Don't give up, because it won't all happen overnight. You have to keep working at it, even if it's just a little something here and there each day. Even if all you do, for now, is make people aware that Bonanzle exists, that's a good thing.

Now go sell something. :)

ETA: corrected Plumdrop URL. Sorry about that.

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Since no one is using this comm for it's intended purpose... or any purpose... I'm just going to use it to promote myself. I've spent a lot of time this past week attempting to help people who need it, but it's clear most of those people prefer to sit around and bitch about not making any sales than to extend any effort to try and remedy the problem. So, too bad for them. More sales for me.

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Resources for sellers
Some of these are posted on the info page for this comm, but I figured I'd put them in a post as well. These are resources for sellers to help increase visitor traffic to your Bonanzle booth, or any other site you sell on. Since this comm and this post are open to the public, anyone who is just passing through can feel free to utilize these resources as well.

This one is solely for Bonanzle sellers:
Top 100 Bonanzle booths
You must have a Bonanzle booth to advertise here. It's free to join, and has paid options as well.

Next, if you aren't on Twitter, you need to sign up. Once you've done that, use this to get followers quickly:
This is an excellent resource that will gets you followers with very little effort. Free.

This is an excellent resource for anyone with a site to promote:
This not only drives traffic to your site, but also allows for others to rate and review your site. I have seen a massive increase in hits since I began using this program. Free, with paid options.

I came across this site just today and decided to give it a try:
It's an interesting concept and I managed to attract "friends"(similar to LJ-style) very quickly(within minutes). They also have groups(like LJ comms) that you can join. Not hugely active, but might have some potential. Free, so you may as well try it out.

This last one is not as good as LinkReferral, but any little bit helps:
ClickThru Network
A little confusing to use, but similar in concept to LinkReferral. You "earn" your hit by visiting other sites. Free(though this is also confusing, because their "currency" is "CTC"-- ClickThru Cash-- and it displays in dollars, making it look like actual money).

So, this should keep you busy for a while. Go make some sales!

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Help Yourself
It's kind of interesting to see so many people complain about lack of sales on Bonanzle, to the point they're begging on the forums for buyers, yet those same people are not willing to help themselves by promoting the site or marketing their items. They don't use Twitter, they don't write a blog, they don't promote the Bonanzle site in any way, they don't utilize any sort of traffic exchange, and they don't join groups like this one, which are dedicated to developing a following for the site and it's sellers.

They want everyone else to do all the hard work for them.

Let's be realistic-- Bonanzle is a new site with a very small userbase. That userbase is currently comprised primarily of other sellers, not shoppers. If you limit your promotion of your booth and your items solely to the forums on the site, you're drastically reducing your chances of making a sale. There may be a handful of people who can be successful with marketing solely on-site, but for the majority of us, that tactic is not going to cut it at this point.

I've spent the better part of the last week doing little more than promoting Bonanzle-- and I don't mean just my booth, I mean the site in general. I was genuinely shocked that no one on LJ had created a Bonanzle community until I finally did it yesterday. LJ is a valuable resource for sellers-- just take a look at all the other successful communities for other sites, like eBay and Etsy. Additionally, there are many communities here dedicated to buying and selling(particularly jewelry and handmade goods).

I personally make my entire living selling online. At the moment, I'm sort of wondering how I'm going to pay my rent next month, sales have been that bad(and that's no exaggeration, I'm really starting to sweat a little). So my options are to either piss and moan about it, or DO something about it. I chose to do something about it by promoting Bonanzle and creating a community to support all of us, one that will hopefully begin to drive more traffic to the site. More traffic = more potential buyers = more sales for everyone.

If you're already an LJ user, be sure to tell your friends' list about this community and encourage them to join. If you're new to LJ and have few or no people on your f-list, join some comms that cater to your interests, make some friends, and mention this comm to them. Please don't spam anyone or promote to random people that you don't know/have never had any sort of contact with. That sort of behavior can get your account suspended and makes this comm look bad, and I don't want either of those things to happen.

Now, what are YOU going to do to help yourself?

The new Bonanzle LJ Community
Welcome to the Bonanzle LJ Community!

I started this community after discovering no one else had done so yet on LJ.  LJ is a fantastic resource for sites like Bonanzle and for the users of such sites(just check out how many eBay and Etsy communities and interests there are!).  This community was started to serve the following functions:
  • Spread the word about the existence of
  • Unite Bonanzle sellers with potential customers
  • Unite potential customers with the items they're seeking
  • Give sellers as many promotional avenues as possible
  • Assist users with assorted issues surrounding using the Bonanzle site
  • Anything else that will help drive traffic to Bonanzle and make it a prominent internet marketplace

So, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your eBay customers, tell your dog, tell anyone that will listen about and this community.  Enjoy!

Please note: you must be a member of this community to post.  Joining takes mere seconds, so what are you waiting for?


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