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Bonanzle name change
Most of you are probably aware that Bonanzle is now Bonanza(www.bonanza.com). The name of this community cannot be changed, and therefore will remain named "Bonanzle". I will update the graphics and links on the profile page shortly.

New Items
My Bonanzle Booth selling everything from clothes, shoes, CD’s, movie collectibles, books, manicure set, etc. Click to look at pics!Collapse )

My Booth
I combine shipping at an additional $1 per item.
i take paypal and credit cards and checks through paypal.
Ship usually within 2 days of payment accepted, even on saturdays and now local pickup available for the Nashville TN area!

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Tips on how to Save & Make money
My TrustPlus Reputation

New Service Added To My Bonanzle Booth!
Emma Sawn: Tank Top
I'm calling all artists, both traditional and digital!

Do you want to promote your art in a big way for your next gallery showcase? Do you want your fans and potential clientele to leave with a piece of your art to remember you by? Do you want to expand the ways in which to market your art and make sure it gets out there for people to see?

Then you should invest in accessories that will promote your artwork. You can choose from pinback buttons, magnets, keychains or compact mirrors!

And the best part is, there is no special set-up fee. The only thing you have to do is order and send the images of your art that you would like to put on the accessories! We'll do the rest!

Due to overwhelming response, please order 14 days in advance of your event. We want to make sure your items are made and shipped to you on time.

All of the accessories measure at the perfect size of 2.25" in diameter. That way the details of your art will not be missed by your clientele and fans!

At this time, because of high shipping costs for foreign countries, our service is for United States artists only.

For more info check out my Bonanzle Booth: http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/swelldameinc

Bonanzle goes to Dreamwidth
New Bonanzle Comm on Dreamwidth:


Dreamwidth just opened up to the general public on April 30. It's very very similar to LJ, except it offers just a little bit more. So, I went ahead and set up a Bonanzle comm there as well, partly because I suspect there will be a slightly different crowd on DW and partly because there's no reason NOT to "expand". LOL

Right now, DW requires new users to either get an invite code from an existing user(just like LJ did in the beginning) or you can purchase a membership, which is what I did($3 for a month, and if you don't want to continue paying after that, your account just reverts to free status, and you can continue on using it, just like LJ). I currently DO NOT have any invite codes, but can request them if necessary. If you want me to get one for you, I will, but PLEASE be sure you're going to actually use the site after you sign up(because honestly, I want to get codes for some of my non-selling-related friends, and don't want to bug the admin over there for a bunch of codes, only to have people turn around and not do anything after they make accounts).

Also, just like LJ, anyone can create a community on DW, so any of you who are motivated to head up a comm could create some sort of selling oriented comm and be among the first to do so(and as a result, get more traffic as new users sign on). While it's true you could just make a comm here on LJ, this site is 10 years old and has a zillion selling related comms already, so new ones tend to go unnoticed unless you're extremely good at promoting.

So... if you wanna sign up, just let me know and I'll ask for some codes(or you can just buy a $3 account, it's very easy, they take PayPal).

PS- for those of you still selling on eBay, I also created a DW eBay comm... LOL

My online store at http://www.bonanzle.com/cleo_primitives
boutique, magasinage, bricoles, bricolles, cadeaux

Widget you can use on LJ
Hi guys,

I just made this:

Since the widget that you can make on Bonanzle doesn't function here, you can make a "blidget" on http://www.widgetbox.com, which WILL function here. Only takes a couple minutes, then you can stick it on your bio page or advertise it here or stick it in any selling comms you might have joined.

Have fun!

(no subject)
Having a Bonanza RIGHT NOW - Friday night until 11:00pm EST

It's right here


New Portal
I've really got to get to bed, but I wanted to post up the new portal page I finished up tonight:

Alex's Somewhat Collectible Stuff Portal

That's something I've been wanting to put together for a while now, and it isn't totally finished, but I also don't have too much more to add either. Please take a look. :)

Top 100 Lists
Here are some Top 100 Lists you should all submit your booths to. These drive traffic fairly well, and are more targeted, since they are lists for more specific things(i.e. shopping).

Specifically for Bonanzle(I may have posted this already):


Sellers Central:

Go join! Doesn't take long.

Sorry I've been absent the past couple of days. I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with things to do lately. Cuts in to my posting time. ;)

I'm still busy looking for other comms that we can all use for promotion, plus comms I can use to promote this comm and Bonanzle itself. I should have another post to make either tonight or tomorrow containing other places we can all promote our items in general. Also, everyone should feel free to make their own promo posts right here(be sure to leave your entries set to "public" so anyone passing through, who is not a member of this comm, can see them!). If you need help doing that just let me know.

I'd also like to encourage everyone to do a couple of other things. First, make a post or two in your own journals, let the world know you're out there. When writing in your personal journal, you can write about absolutely anything you want-- what you do, what your garden looks like, what you ate for dinner last night, the annoying thing your cat keeps doing, and so on. After you've done that, I strongly encourage you to go out and find a few friends to add. Use the search box at the top of the page to find people with similar interests(I covered this in another post further down). And perhaps all of you here would like to friend each other as well.

I do ask that you don't friend my personal journal. It's not because I'm snooty or don't want to be your friend :) but because I keep my personal life very much separate from my "business" life, and the content of my personal journal is not for everyone(understatement LOL). If you have reason to believe we'd get along on a personal level anyway, just drop me a note and we can chat.

Anyway, one last thing I'd like to urge everyone to do is seek out other comms that match your interests. Many of these allow advertising, but even in those that do not, you can make new connections/friends, and that's always beneficial.

So, what have you sold lately?