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Sellers and buyers of Bonanzle.com

9/21/10-- Bonanzle has changed it's name and domain to "Bonanza". The name of this comm cannot be changed, so will remain "Bonanzle". Links/graphics to be updated shortly.

This community is for all buyers and sellers on the Bonanzle website. You do not have to be a Bonanzle member to join this community(however, you MUST be a Bonanzle seller to advertise in this community). If you're not currently a Bonanzle member, feel free to join and ask questions and learn all about the site. You'll find that Bonanzle members are a friendly and helpful bunch.

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I'm not so much in to rules or telling people what to do, but in order to maintain a positive atmosphere for everyone, we need to have at least a few. So, in no particular order...

1. You may promote your booth ONCE per DAY. No more. Multiple promotions from the same booth on the same day will result in ALL promo posts being removed and the user warned. If it happens a second time, you will be banned from the community permanently. Please allow all users the opportunity to get their promo posts seen. You may promote items you are selling on other sites ONCE per WEEK.

2. If you use graphics in your promo post, you must put them behind a cut. Info on how to use a cut can be found here. Posts containing graphics that are not behind a cut will be deleted. Please respect this rule, as not putting images behind a cut can really hork up your friends' page.

3. Behave. No, really. No bashing of others, no flaming, no name-calling, etc. If you don't get along with someone, ignore them. If you disagree with someone else's opinion or viewpoint, ignore it. Abuse of other members will not be tolerated. First offense gets a warning, second offense gets you banned. We're all adults, I shouldn't have to babysit. I mean, this isn't eBay...

That's all. Additional rules will be added if needed. I hope we don't need. I don't like rules.

One final note: please don't friend my personal journal unless I already know you-- I will most likely not friend you back. Please follow my selling blog(link above) instead. I keep my personal life and my "professional" life very much separate(for good reason). If for some reason you think we'd get along on a personal level, send me a message via LJ and I'll have a look at your journal. Please don't take it personally if I decline. I think I've used the word personal entirely too many times in this paragraph.